On-Demand Transportation

Need a Ride? We’ll Take You There!
We understand that transportation isn’t always readily available – especially for those requiring assistance. This can make travel to medical appointments, rehabilitation, and even social outings an unnecessary hassle. Let The Cedar Bus Co. take the headache out of your transportation needs by providing safe, compassionate service, wherever you need to go. Our Customer Service staff is available 24/7 to reserve your next ride!

Specialty Services:
The Cedar Bus Co. is the region’s only provider of compassionate, safe transportation for bariatric patients. Using a specially outfitted vehicle and a sophisticated hydraulic stretcher lift system, The Cedar Bus Co. is able to offer a service not frequently available to bariatric patients. Included in this service is a complete safety assessment at both the point of origin and the destination, ensuring that both locations are safe and prepared for the passenger.

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