Our Story

About Cedar Bus Co.

Safe, Courteous, and Prompt Transportation

Over the past 15 years, our commitment to quality and focus on innovation has allowed us to develop into the largest non-emergency health and human services transporter in New York State. We approach transportation with the understanding that collaboration is crucial to creating a better care delivery model. As an organization, we take great pride in providing individuals with disabilities access to various places in our community through transportation services. The Cedar Bus Co. is uniquely qualified to handle the specialized needs of your clients. 

Our 200+ vehicles have driven over 5 million miles a year for over a decade, transporting hundreds of thousands of clients on trips annually, all while maintaining record-setting safety scores. Our fleet transports over 3,000 individuals and thousands of packages each and every day.

At The Cedar Bus Co., we work every day to improve client safety and welfare. When it comes to transporting individuals with special needs, The Cedar Bus Co. is an unmatched expert. Our staff is well-versed in the safe and prompt transportation, whether it be people or packages.


Our business model is simple: hire and train only the best drivers and aides, utilize only the newest and safest fleet run by the most experienced management team in the region, and provide exceptional service to our customers. To operate this model, The Cedar Bus Co. employs a disciplined approach to ensure we deliver only the industry’s best service.


The Cedar Bus Co. has spent the last several years building an extensive network in Western and Central New York to provide excellent service to the agencies we partner with and better access points for the individuals we serve in the community. Other transportation and logistics providers will typically centrally locate in one area to eliminate the cost of running multiple locations. The Cedar Bus Co. has concluded that to be responsive to the growing needs of our partners, we need to have a farther-reaching operational footprint.


Part of the Beacon Mobility family

The Cedar Bus Co. is proud to be part of the Beacon Mobility family of transportation companies.

Beacon Mobility is a premiere provider of regular ed, special ed, paratransit, and alternative student transportation. Over the last year the Beacon Mobility family of companies has expanded its operations to bring critical Special Education, Paratransit, Non-Emergency Medical, and Standard School transportation services to communities 25 states across the US. And we love what we do.

Beacon Mobility is more than a company. We’re a family. Our core values are people-centric and people-focused. Everything we do is viewed through the lens of how it can enhance the lives of our employees, our customers, our passengers, and our communities.