Our 200+ vehicles have driven over 5 million miles a year for over a decade, transporting hundreds of thousands of clients on trips annually, all while maintaining record-setting safety scores. Our fleet transports over 3,000 individuals and thousands of packages each and every day. Trust the partner who has been selected to provide transportation for our community over the last 15 years.


Don’t stress about how you are getting your guests where they need to go.  Our vehicles are air conditioned, wheelchair accessible, and can transport large groups at a time.

Corporate Retreats

Make sure that all of your guests are accommodated. Ensure on-time arrival and departure for the passengers who will be comfortable getting to and from where they need to be.

Private Events

Make your event feel extra special with dedicated vehicle service for your guests.  Attendees will have the peace-of-mind knowing they have a dedicated service to get them to their event.

The Cedar Bus Co. is uniquely qualified to handle the specialized needs of your clients.

The Cedar Bus Co. specializes in logistics and e-commerce, supporting some of the largest e-commerce companies in the world.

We are proud to provide transportation services to several local agencies and colleges.

Let us take you to your next event with our large, diverse fleet of vans, mini buses, and large-capacity buses.

A customizable and budget-friendly way to gain a large amount of exposure for your brand!