Experience the impact of mobile advertising with  200+ vehicles on the road each and every day, The Cedar Bus Co.’s reach is vast. Bus advertising is an amazing way to build brand awareness of your company. It is an opportunity to drive your target audience to your business, event or website through frequent interaction with your target audience. Our advertising program is completely customizable and is much more budget-friendly than other “big bus” advertising. We’ll provide the canvas, you provide the brand – it’s as simple as that!

Why Should You Advertise?


Bus advertisement allows your message to run for an extended period of time and be repeatedly seen by your target audience.

Cost Effective

Method of reaching consumers for extended periods of time. Other format ads, like billboards, would require multiple mediums to achieve the same exposure as our bus wraps.

Geographic Targeting

Allows your brand message to be taken into key neighborhoods and areas that our buses are moving throughout daily.


Consumers are exposed to your brand message for extended periods of time when riding on buses and sitting at shelters. Longer exposures increase consumer familiarity with your brands message

  • Bus Advertisement:
  • # of Months in Campaign:
  • Total Reach:
  • Total Impressions:
  • 1 Bus
  • 12
  • 113,863
  • 1,366,356

* Mileage data taken from Silent Passenger In-Vehicle GPS System
* Estimated impressions calculated by Dan Mallet TEAM, Based on an estimated 52 impressions/mile/vehicle

Vehicle Advertising Options