Experience the impact of mobile advertising with  200+ vehicles on the road each and every day, The Cedar Bus Co.’s reach is vast. Bus advertising is an amazing way to build brand awareness of your company. It is an opportunity to drive your target audience to your business, event or website through frequent interaction with your target audience. Our advertising program is completely customizable and is much more budget-friendly than other “big bus” advertising. We’ll provide the canvas, you provide the brand – it’s as simple as that!

Why Should You Advertise?

Frequency & EXPOSURE

Bus advertisements allow your message to run for an extended period of time. Consumers are repeatedly exposed to your brand at no additional cost to you.


With transit advertising, consumers don’t need to read a specific publication or tune into the right channel to see your messaging. Consumers are exposed to your ads when they are most ready to respond

Geographic Targeting

Transit advertising provides an opportunity to reach key neighborhoods and areas. Other types of large format advertisements do not have this mobility.

Cost Effective

Compared to other mediums like billboard, radio or television ads, bus advertising is much more cost-effective. Transit advertising is able to reach a wider audience with fewer ads


1 Bus over 12 months:

Total Reach
Total Impressions

* Mileage data taken from Silent Passenger In-Vehicle GPS System
* Estimated impressions calculated by Dan Mallet TEAM, Based on an estimated 52 impressions/mile/vehicle