College Shuttle Services

The Cedar Bus Co. is proud to provide transportation services to various colleges and universities to offer students the safe and reliable transportation they deserve. By having a deep understanding of Campus shuttle needs, The Cedar Bus Co. offers the latest transportation technology, training and communication for these services. We help plan, implement, and execute the shuttle services being operated to best serve the college and universities we partner with.

We offer a customized shuttle tracker that gives students the ability to quickly determine the location of the college shuttle in real time. The shuttle tracker is focused on the students by making their shuttle experience more convenient by lessening wait times because they can track the shuttle on demand.

We offer customized vehicles designed with the College’s colors and branding. This newly designed vehicle will help students to more easily identify the vehicles being used for the campus shuttle. Vehicle branding is an exciting way to provide additional marketing for your college and university by spreading its message throughout the community during off campus trips. We have over 100 unbranded vehicles available for branding opportunities!

Shuttle Trackers

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