Our TechnologY

Here at Cedar Bus, we pride ourselves on being the most technology-forward transportation provider in New York State. Through our in-house developed RoutingBox software, we have positioned leading-edge technology solutions at every level of our business to ensure we are running as efficiently and effectively as possible to serve you better.

Streamline your riders' experience through our facility portal

The web-based Booking Portal helps facilities and transporters book trips and check ETAs, reducing the amount of stress caused by repetitive phone callsOur real-time tracking improves rider satisfaction, increases visibility, and reduces no-shows. Our facility portal maximizes efficiency, leading to an increase in trip bookings 

Revolutionizing the NEMT Rider Experience

The Cedar Bus Rider App is a passenger app designed to bring the on-demand trip experience to our riders! Clients have an easier time managing their trips right from their phones – they can schedule, track their driver, let their driver know they’re ready, view future trips, and receive notifications for ETAs & trip delays. Take a look at our training page for more information on how to download and use the app!

Compressed Natural Gas

Our extensive fleet also includes vehicles that run on Compressed Natural Gas. Currently about 30% of our vehicles have CNG capabilities and we continuously strive to increase this number in order to help create a cleaner environment for our future.

Algorithms that allow Cedar Bus to operate at peak efficiency

The Cedar Bus Co. utilizes Tetriq’s Route Optimization algorithm in our day-to-day operations. Route Optimization is designed to create perfect routes while considering riders’ unique needs and capabilities of each vehicle types, maximizing the efficiency of our operations. Tetriq’s advanced algorithm was designed by transportation experts to consider the following constraints: driver qualifications and capabilities, vehicle capacity and limitations, customer needs at each stop, and maximum driver shift length.  

GPS fleet tracking and dual-facing dash cam solutions for your vehicles, assets and drivers.

Cedar Bus Co. has implemented Azuga, a cutting-edge driver behavior and safety tracking solution.  The program is unique in that it monitors each of our drivers in real time, immediately reporting any instance of unsafe or risky driving practices.  As a result, our drivers are more motivated to drive safely and our leadership can immediately address any vehicle on the road not in compliance with our safety protocols.